The Oregon Titans Fast pitch Softball Program was started in 2009. Our goal is to provide a strong team environment while focusing on advanced development of the mental and physical techniques and fundamentals of fast pitch softball. Athletes in the program will be pushed by their coaches to set high level of measurable and attainable goals, while helping them break through walls they never thought they could. Our goal is to assess each player’s skill level and challenge them on a daily basis to play above and beyond what they think their limits are. We are a gold driven program with the goal of playing in the highest level tournaments throughout the country so we can use our college contacts to help our players earn scholarships to play at the next level.

Our program abides by a set of core values or (HUNA) which not only guide our athletes to be amazing players but also great human beings. they are:

IKE- What we believe is what is real for us.
KALA- No limits exist
MAKIA- Energy flows where the attention goes
MANAWA- Now is the moment of power, not the past or future but now
MANA- power and energy from within
PONO- Effectiveness is a measure of truth. Have a plan

These values are expected to be demonstrated at all practices, games, as well as the many team building camps we have. We try and spread the aloha everyday.

A= AO Light/positive/ look outside of self
L= LOKAHI Oneness among us. All is one
O= OIAIO Truth/always tell the truth
H= HA’A HA’A Be humble. You can learn from everyone. No egos
A= Aloha Absolute true love. Love everyone judge no one

To achieve the high level of success we have on the field and more importantly off the field in life we hand picked a select group of highly experienced coaches throughout the state of Oregon. They are highly knowledgeable individuals with a passion for coaching and helping these young athletes get to the next level. We will also bring in current D1,D2,D3, and NAIA college coaches and players from all levels to help provide the girls and coaches with up do date elite skills sets that they will need to compete in today’s college game. Our coaches are trained in the most up to date hitting mechanics and strategy.

There is not a cookie cutter program for all of the players out there. We push our players and never let them give up on themselves. If your goal is to play at the next level and play for a program and a coaching staff that is always getting better ,never rests on its laurels , and most importantly strives to develop you as a person of integrity and great character then this could be the right fit for you.

Oregon Titans Fastpitch Inc.

“You can achieve anything you truly desire with hard work and commitment”